Sunday, 19 September 2021

Pub celebrates re-opening of road with motoring party

Pub celebrates re-opening of road with motoring party

THE landlords of a pub in Playhatch threw a party to celebrate the end of a 10-week road closure.

Nick Willson and Hazel Lucas, who run the Flowing Spring, held the “Life on the open road” party on Saturday after the A4155 Henley Road, which goes past the pub, re-opened the previous week.

Customers came dressed as mechanics, cyclists and repair men and Mrs Lucas dressed in a “roadkill onesie”, complete with bloody track marks across her chest.

Road signs were on display around the pub and a Scalextric track was set up for people to play.

The couple, who purchased the freehold of the pub in July, offered an American drive-thru menu of burgers, pizzas and chips as well as humorous special offers such as “buy any two pints for the price of three” and “drink 18 pints and get a free overnight stay in the cells”.

Last month the pub held a Victorian party with more than 80 guests to allow guests to experience what it would have been like before traffic.

Mr Willson said: “It was jolly good fun. We had about 50 people and it went very well.

“This one wasn’t quite like the Victorian night but that was a very special event. This was more relaxed, people came along to breathe a sigh of relief that the road was open again and everyone enjoyed it.

“Lots of people were dressed as mechanics and bikers and we even had one person in flying gear and goggles. Hazel’s costume was so popular that she wore it again for the quiz night on Sunday so she could show it to people who didn’t come to the party.”

A 100-yard stretch of the A4155 between Spring Lane and the Playhatch roundabout re-opened after the westbound lane of the carriageway was reinforced with a sheet pile retaining wall after it collapsed due to previous flooding.

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