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Potty! Spring show winner has to present four cups to himself

Potty! Spring show winner has to present four cups to himself

THE vice-chairman of Chiltern Edge Horticultural Society had to present four awards to himself at its spring show on Saturday.

John Windass won the Avern Trophy for the best exhibit in the daffodil and narcissus classes.

He also won the Grove Cup for the most points in the daffodil, narcissus and tulip classes, the Frank Pritchard Cup for the most points in the pot plant classes and the Village Cup for the best exhibit in the flower classes.

Mr Windass, 69, was hosting the show for the first time in the absence of chairman Nigel Crush, who was recovering from surgery.

About 80 people attended the 60th anniversary show held at Sonning Common village hall in Wood Lane.

Mr Windass, of Gallowstree Road, Peppard, said he did not expect to win anything.

He said: “It came as a bit of a surprise to me. I glossed over it very quickly. I would have preferred not to have won as this was the first time I was hosting the event.

“I am not a believer in nepotism but I enjoy entering flowers in the show. It is a bit of fun and I get pleasure from it. I have had quite a lot of congratulations.”

Mr Windass, who is married to Dee and has two grown-up sons, believes the bad weather contributed to his success as it prompted him to take his tulips indoors. 

He said: “The weather was quite tricky last week so that’s when you need a little bit of know-how.

“By the time Saturday came around, they were at their best. We were reasonably fortunate in that our garden is a little bit higher than most in the village.”

Show secretary Sandra Reed-Jennings, from Woodcote, said the other entrants didn’t mind Mr Windass winning four of the five flower prizes.

She said: “John welcomed everbody and thanked everybody for coming and entering and when he announced that he had won, everybody was laughing.”

Miss Reed-Jennings said that overall the standard of entries was “very good” despite the weather proving challenging.

She added: “Sadly, because of all that wind and rain a lot of my daffodils were blown over.”

Children from Sonning Common Primary School took part in a colouring competition and their pictures of spring flowers were displayed on the walls of the hall. The show also featured a stall selling plants and garden merchandise and a raffle.

The full results were as follows:

The Avern Trophy for the best exhibit in daffodil and narcissus classes: John Windass.

The Grove Cup for the most points in daffodil, narcissus and tulip classes: John Windass.

The Frank Pritchard Cup for the most points in pot plant classes: John Windass.

The certificate of merit for floral art for most points in floral art: Sue Frayling Cork, Sue Hedges, Maureen Stevens and Sheila Walker.

The Village Cup for best exhibit in the flower classes: John Windass.

The Geoff Mitton Cup for the winner of the Sonning Common spring front gardens competition: Joyce and Dave Brewer, of Woodlands Road.

Children aged five to 11: Temperance Hunter.


One specimen trumpet daffodil, any colour: 1 Barbara Winnington, 2 John Windass,
3 Lynda Crocker.

One specimen of narcissus, any colour: 1 Martin Hedges, 2 John Windass, 3 Maureen Stevens.

Vase of five mixed trumpet daffodils: 1 John Windass, 2 Barbara Winnington.

Vase of mixed narcissi, one bloom per stem: 1 Barbara Winnington 2 Julia Perry.

Vase of narcissi, more than one bloom per stem: 1 Ann Holt,
2 John Windass, 3 Lynda Crocker.

Vase of any other kind of daffodil/ narcissus: 1 Lynda Crocker.

Three vases of three different varieties daffodil/narcissus/both: 1 John Windass, 2 Lynda Crocker.

One specimen bloom of tulip:
1 Colin Mather, 2 Lynda Crocker, 3 John Windass.

Novice class: 1 Colin Mather,
2 Lynda Crocker, 3 John Windass.

Vase of five mixed tulips: 1 John Windass, 2 David Poole, 3 Julia Perry.

Vase of muscari, five stems:
1 Penny Noble, 2 Barbara Winnington, 3 Lynda Crocker.

Vase of polyanthus, three stems: 1 Julia Perry, 2 Lynda Crocker.

Vase of any other outdoor flower, one kind: 1 Lynda Crocker, 2 Moira Poole, 3 Maureen Stevens.

Vase of flowers from trees or shrubs, mixed: 1 Lynda Crocker.

Foliage plant in pot: 1 Lynda Crocker, 2 David Poole, 3 Barbara Winnington.

Pot or bowl of a succulent or cactus: 1 John Windass, 2 Ann Holt, 3 Barbara Winnington.

Floral art

Mellow Yellow: 1 Sue Hedges, 2 Maureen Stevens, 3 Sue Frayling Cork.

Small arrangement in yoghurt pot: 1 Sheila Walker, 2 Sue Frayling Cork, 3 Maureen Stevens.

Fruit and vegetables

Three sticks of rhubarb: 1 Martin Hedges.

Any other vegetable: 1 Martin Hedges.


Any breakfast marmalade:
1 Barbara Winnington, 2 Ian Burgess, 3 Joan Bree.

Chutney: 2 Wendy Peatey,
3 Sue Hedges.

Victoria Sandwich: 1 Dee Windass, 2 Sue Mather, 3 Martin Hedges.

Banana cake: 1 Jill Hendra,
2 Julia Perry, 3 Sue Hedges


Article of any handicraft:
1 Joan Bree, 2 Masako Hamaguchi, 3 Lynda Crocker.

Small painting, any medium:
1 Peter Crush, 2 Moira Poole.

Small drawing, pencil or ink:
1 Colin Mather, 2 Peter Crush.

Children, five to 11 years

Easter chick dawing: 1 Temperance Hunter.

Painted stone: 1 Temperance Hunter

Chocolate brownies: 1 Temperance Hunter


Spring flowers: 1 Colin Mather, 2 Ian Burgess, 3 Nigel Crush

Shadows: 1 Peter Crush, 2 Jill Hendra, 3 Colin Mather

Anything with wheels: 1 Colin Mather, 2 Sue Mather, 3 Jill Hendra

Open class: 1 Colin Mather,
2 Jill Hendra, 3 Penny Noble

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