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School permits boys’ shorts in hot weather

School permits boys’ shorts in hot weather

BOYS at Gillotts School in Henley can now wear shorts in the summer term.

The secondary in Gillotts Lane changed its policy earlier this year to help keep students cool during the hot weather.

The policy is contrast to the new policy at Chiltern Edge School in Sonning Common where parents have had requests for their sons to be able to wear shorts instead of long trousers turned down.

Gillotts headteacher Catharine Darnton said the school had revised its rules after some parents asked during a hot spell last year if the possibility of boys wearing shorts could be considered.

She said: “We had five exceptionally hot days last summer and in that weather it was a challenge to keep students learning in school.

“Two or three parents contacted us to see if there could be any allowance for students when there is exceptional weather.

“There was a suggestion that they could wear PE kit but that’s for games and gets hot and sweaty.

“Some of the parents suggested shorts and we thought why not? Girls are already able to wear skirts to give them an option which is more airy.”

A pair of Gillotts official shorts cost £15 through the school’s uniform supplier, No Sweat in Cane End.

Miss Darnton said: “They are knee-length, traditional shorts. We didn’t want to run the risk of it being something inappropriate.

“It’s an option if parents are interested. They are not forced to buy any additional uniform but if they are interested it’s there for them. It gives flexibility.

“The pace of pick-up has been quite slow so far. A few students are wearing them, mainly the younger ones, but it looks really smart. Our supplier is able to get them when they are needed. We aren’t having to worry about stock we can’t shift.”

Miss Darnton said the school was also investigating shorts for girls but felt there was less demand.

“We did boys first because that was the issue we were trying to resolve,” she said. “The girls are less encased in the heat with skirts then the boys are with trousers.”

Miss Darnton said she had received no feedback from parents about the change.

Two weeks ago, the Henley Standard revealed how parents of Chiltern Edge pupils were told the school’s new uniform, which was introduced in September, does not include shorts and that students must stick to the rules.

The rules state that only trousers or skirts can be worn but the school told one father of a boy that his son could wear a skirt in hot weather.

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