Saturday, 15 May 2021

Goring: Kevin Bulmer (Con) *

IT has been an honour and pleasure to serve as your county councillor for eight years, despite challenging circumstances, culminating in the coronavirus pandemic.

I hope you think I’ve done well enough to be allowed a further term as I’m keen to continue helping to keep this area well served with quality local services.

Politicians generally promise to solve all your problems after blaming everyone else for them in the first place. Well I won’t be doing that. What I will be do is promise to work hard on the problems that arise be it personal or general, such as potholes or environmental issues.

It is right to expect and demand high quality services and the pandemic has show the importance of good social services for the elderly and vulnerable, as well as the role good local community support can play (good neighbourliness as just one example).

Our achievements in working together over the last tough year shows what can be achieved even with what appears at times to be overwhelming circumstances.

Please vote Conservative and let me continue to represent you to the fullest of my ability.

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