Monday, 16 May 2022

Chiltern Villages: Richard Taylor (Lib)

I HAVE lived in the Chiltern Villages for more than 25 years. Now retired, I brought up my family here working in sales, marketing and management within the IT industry. My three sons all went to school here.

My message to you is: Don’t let the Conservatives take your vote for granted.

We are having an unnecessary election to vote councillors on to a bloated council. The election didn’t need to happen now. It could have been delayed, enabling people to focus on issues other than the pandemic. We are being asked to elect three councillors in every ward, a total of 147 councillors, more seats than in the Scottish Parliament, wasting an enormous amount of money Why? The Conservatives are relying on everyone voting again the way they have in the past without thinking about an alternative.

There is an alternative. The Liberal Democrats have formed a responsible opposition to the Conservatives, leading a group of opposition parties that co-operates on key issues — only the Labour Party is not a member of this group.

One-party rule is never good for anyone, not even the ruling party. For democracy to work, council decisions need to be scrutinised and policy need to be thoroughly examined. A Liberal Democrat in Chiltern Villages will help us get the democracy we all need.

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