Friday, 23 July 2021

Despite five miscarriages, I wanted another baby

EMMA TAYLOR is due to give birth any day and is glowing. She’s clearly excited by the prospect of having her second child but admits to being apprehensive too.

The reason why becomes clear when she tells you the story of her five miscarriages.

Mrs Taylor, 39, of Western Avenue, Henley, became pregnant in 2011. It was in the November that she went for her 12-week scan at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading with husband Andy and daughter Lilia.

“It absolutely never crossed my mind anything would be wrong,” she says. “We took Lilia with us because I thought it would be lovely and she would be able to see the baby on the screen.”

She was having her scan and could see the shape of a baby when her joy quickly turned to heartache.

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