Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Mother campaigns after losing nephew to meningitis

CATHERINE SCHRIER knows how devastating meningitis can be after her three-year-old nephew Oscar Gale died from the disease in 2001.

Ms Schrier, 38, of Elizabeth Close, Henley, was staying with her sister Emma, Oscar’s mother, in Dorset when he came to her complaining of feeling unwell.

She said: “He woke me up at 2am and we gave him some Calpol and took him to bed. In the morning we rang the doctor who said to give him some more medicine but he quickly became very ill.

“He was taken to hospital in Dorchester by ambulance where he was diagnosed with pneumococcal meningitis and then given a police escort to Southampton General. He died that night.

“When they said it was meningitis I registered it but had no idea what it was. I remember asking the nurse ‘what’s that?’

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