Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Hospital developer asked to keep us informed

A “NEW” Townlands Steering Group is to be formed to ensure the town gets the hospital it was promised.

The volunteer group, which was formed in 2003 when Townlands Hospital was threatened with closure, is discussing a new terms of reference which may include key performance criteria on which it can judge the progress of developer Amber Solutions for Care.

Barry Wood, a founding member, told a meeting on Wednesday last week: “I think we should be setting some assessment criteria for Amber. They are not God or a divine being. I would put in six criteria that they might be measured by.”

He suggested that one could be complaints and how they are dealt with, adding: “It is performance monitoring — It will not do them any harm whatsoever.”

Town councillor Ian Reissmann, who chairs the steering group, said it was an “excellent suggestion”, adding: “It would set the agenda for meetings. Like for parking [provision], they can say that they have done this or that. I think identifying this is something we should definitely do.”

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