Monday, 15 August 2022

Henley Lions Club

Henley Lions Club

THE club is delighted to have been able to respond to a request made by Dingley’s Promise in Reading.

The charity provides life-changing support to children under five who have additional needs and disabilities.

Specialist care and learning is provided through play, family support, training and advice on joining mainstream schools. The club made a donation of £1,648.82 to buy two pieces of wooden specialist play equipment for children at the centre, the climb and crawl and the ball tower.

The cheque was presented when club members could enjoy seeing the children play very happily on their new equipment and we were not disappointed — the smiles on the faces of the children said it all.

It was a most enjoyable and rewarding time for everyone.

The climb and crawl introduces children to new skills of navigating stairs and ramps, helping with co-ordination, balance and movement.

Carla started walking last year and is now able to show just how skilled she is using the equipment. The ball tower is in the garden and Nisanur showed how this game offers a great opportunity for repetitive play and motor skills development.

Her grin gives away her delight with the game.

A big thank-you to Dingley’s Promise staff for enabling this happy occasion and making Henley Lions welcome.

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