Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Henley Lions Club

THE guests at this month’s meeting were Annette Honneyball, fund-raising manager for the Hurst-based children’s charity First Days, and Mike Pooley, chairman of the Henley Visually Impaired Group.

Amongs her many roles, Annette is a speaker and fund-raiser for First Days, which provides everyday essentials such as clothes, toiletries, school uniforms, equipment, furniture, toys and books to struggling families in times of crisis.

These families are all referred by professionals who assess their situation.

The charity says that four million children in the UK are living in households whose income falls below the poverty line.

This means that, after they've paid for their housing and utilities, they have just £19 per day to live on for food, clothes, transport, birthdays and everything else they might need.

So the charity really does need plenty of help.

The premises it uses severely limits its storage capabilities so you need to call them regarding large donations.

Annette was presented with a cheque from the club for £1,000.

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Mike is retiring from running the visually impaired club so is looking for volunteers to take over his role.

As this was the club’s annual meeting, the upcoming CIO update and appointment of trustees for charitable registration was proposed, seconded and accepted unanimously.

A vote of thanks was made to our honorary treasurer Robin Swift for the incredible amount of work necessary to carry out these changes.

A look ahead to upcoming Christmas events was given, along with a report on the very successful Henley Regatta for the Disabled which was held for the 10th year at Phyllis Court Club.

This month the community service pestle and mortar award was made to Ian Tritton for his tremendous involvement in making this event such an enjoyable community regatta — again!

There was a unanimous vote in favour of making another donation to help a wonderful and brave local child, Charlie Ilsley, in the final phases of his ongoing treatment for cancer.

Our thoughts are with you as ever, Charlie.

Our next meeting will be held at King’s Arms Barn on Monday, October 7 at 7.45pm. If you would like to come along to meet us you would be very welcome.

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John Moore

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