Friday, 12 August 2022

Square dance

Square dance

Four Morris dancing groups performed together in Henley.

Dozens of people gathered in Falaise Square to watch different types of dances and some members of the audience joined in. OBJ Morris, from Bracknell, danced border Morris from the English side of the Welsh border.

Phoenix Morris, from Rickmansworth, were dancing Cotswold Morris while Taeppas Tump Morris, from Maidenhead, danced the north-west Morris from Lancashire and Cheshire.

Aldbrickham Step Clog, from Reading, performed traditional step dances.

Colin Charman, from OBJ Morris, said: “It has been a tradition for these teams to get together in Henley for about 15 years and we always find an appreciative audience.

It marks the end of the pub-dancing season for us as the days are getting shorter. The last dance is always East Acton, a joining-in dance for the public.

It was invented in 1953 for a radio programme, reputedly Hancock’s Half Hour but I suspect otherwise. It always goes down well, especially with the children. We adjourned afterwards to the Row Barge for a music session.”

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