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In 1914, the Henley Standard was known as 'The Henley and South Oxfordshire Standard'. Here we bring you excerpts from our extensive archive of news, views, anecdotes and much-needed humour published during World War One.
Publication date: 7th August 1914


This amusing story was told by Mr. R. F. Colam, K.C. , in Mr. Justice Shearman’s court (King’s Bench Division), when the British Medical Association were defendants in a libel action. A man who was seriously ill in an hospital with typhoid fever fancied a red herring. The doctor said: “Let him have it, “ and the man afterwards recovered. A student who was taking an interest in the case entered in his book a note: “Red herring good for typhoid fever.” Some time afterwards the student went to France, and there gave a red herring to a typoid fever patient. But the man died, and the student wrote in his book: “Red herring cures typhoid in England, but not in France.”


It seems at least as if some arrangement ought to be made whereby Mrs. Pankhurst would have to pay for the wear and tear on the hinges of the front door of Holloway Jail, says the “Ohio State Journal.”

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