Sunday, 26 September 2021

Volunteers tidy up church's overgrown millennium garden

Volunteers tidy up church's overgrown millennium garden

VOLUNTEERS tidied up an overgrown patch of land at Holy Trinity Church in Henley.

Members of Henley in Bloom’s Gardening Buddies cleared grasses and wood avens, a type of invasive wildflower, from the millennium garden in the churchyard.

Later in the year, the area will be reseeded with wildflowers such as sweet woodruff.

The garden was created in 2000 by regular worshipper Maurice Litchfield but fell into neglect following his death five years ago. The volunteers were asked to help by Sally Rankin, who attends the church and chairs the Henley Wildlife Group, where Mr Litchfield used to be secretary.

Mrs Rankin, of Coldharbour Close, Henley, said: “I felt the area needed some special care and I’m thrilled with what the Gardening Buddies have achieved. They’ve taken back some of the more invasive species, which will allow us to make it more diverse.

“Maurice had planted quite a wide range but over time they were crowded out. It was great to work with a team of gardeners as they knew exactly what they were doing and were very thorough.”

Elizabeth Hodgkin, who organises the Gardening Buddies, said: “It’s such a lovely spot and we were very happy to help.

“The finished result is a vast improvement on what was there before. We will definitely go back to complete the work and will maintain it twice a year as part of our regular works programme.”

Meanwhile, Henley in Bloom is continuing to work with community groups on horticultural projects.

Henley cubs will be helped by the bloom and wildlife groups to help them achieve their World Challenge Awards. The children may be asked to help out on the Valley Road chalk bank.

The Gardening Buddies will hold a planting session with Henley brownies at Gillotts Corner on May 11.

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