Tuesday, 19 October 2021

John Howell re-elected Henley MP with reduced majority

John Howell re-elected Henley MP with reduced majority

JOHN HOWELL has been re-elected as MP for Henley.

The Conservative was declared the winner at 4.56am this morning (Friday) with a slightly reduced majority.

He received 33,749 votes, almost three times more than his nearest rival, Labour candidate Oliver Kavanagh.

Mr Howell secured 59.1 per cent of the vote and a majority of 22,294 votes. The turnout for yesterday’s poll was 76.1 per cent.

At the last general election, held in 2015, Mr Howell had a majority of more than 25,000 votes while the turnout was lower at 70.3 per cent.

Mr Kavanagh, who was standing for Labour for the first time, attracted 11,455 votes, an increase of more than 4,500 votes than Sam Juthani, who stood for the party two years ago.

Liberal Democrat candidate Laura Coyle came third with 8,485 votes, over 2,000 more votes than party colleague Sue Cooper at the last election.

Robin Bennett, the Green Party candidate, came fourth with 1,864 votes, fewer than half of the votes his party colleague Mark Stevenson attracted two years ago.

In fifth place was UK Independence Party candidate Tim Scott, who attracted 1,154 votes. This was a significant decrease on 2015, when 6,007 people voted for UKIP’s Christopher Jones.

Patrick Gray, of the Radical Party, which was standing in the constituency for the first time, received the fewest number of votes with 392.

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