Wednesday, 20 October 2021

'Crazy chick' honoured for recycled living room

'Crazy chick' honoured for recycled living room

AN interior designer from Peppard has won an award.

Lynne Lambourne was named the Grand Designs interior designer of the year for room sets at Grand Designs Live.

Her living room design was based on upcycled furniture and products made from recycled materials. She was inspired by The Wombles.

Mrs Lambourne, who was invited to take part in the challenge, said: “It was lovely that the judges and the public liked the design and that they totally got the meaning behind it. For years I have been viewed as the ‘crazy chick’ in the dungarees always jumping out of skips so to be taken seriously and get the recognition as someone who can create a design that people admire and would want in their home was so motivating and rewarding.

“I am so proud as in some small way I have drawn attention to something that I am truly passionate about — upcycling and sustainable design.

“We cannot keep sending things to landfill and using materials without recycling them as we are literally clogging up the planet.”

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