Friday, 18 June 2021

Pre-schoolers on (Easter) parade

Pre-schoolers on (Easter) parade

CHILDREN at Emmer Green Pre-school wore homemade hats for their traditional Easter bonnet parade.

The three- and four-year-olds had made the headwear, which featured paper bunny ears, nests of chicks and cotton wool sheep.

The children paraded around Emmer Green youth and community centre in Grove Road in front of their parents before prizes were awarded for the best headwear.

The winner was four-year-old Lucy Herbert, whose bonnet was decorated with chicks, eggs and a nest.

Lucy said: “I made my bonnet with my mummy and I won the best prize.

“All my friends looked really nice in their bonnets. I can’t wait for Easter.” The competition was judged by Simon Watson, manager of the Budgens store in Emmer Green, which sponsors the pre-school and provided the prize of a vchocolate Easter egg as well as the chocolate eggs for an Easter egg hunt.  

Pre-school supervisor Wendy Robins said: “This annual event is a lovely way to celebrate the beginning of spring.

“We are always amazed at how creative the children are and we love how it makes everyone smile as they parade around for their families and friends.”

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