Wednesday, 06 July 2022

Woman to paddleboard 20 miles for children’s charity

Woman to paddleboard 20 miles for children’s charity

A WOMAN will paddleboard down the River Thames from Goring to Henley while dressed as a goat.

Charlotte Allum, 42, from Hurley, is making the 20-mile journey to raise money for the charity Kids for Kids, which provides goats to families in Darfur in Sudan and was started 20 years ago.

Ms Allum, who works for the charity, will stand up on the paddleboard during the challenge today (Saturday) and will be accompanied by friends.

The journey is expected to take about 10 hours and they will make just one stop.

Ms Allum said: “I’ve been paddleboarding for two years and love the serenity of it. The furthest I’ve done previously is four miles, so this is a big challenge but it should be a great day and we’ll have friends, family and supporters on the banks cheering us along.”

Kids for Kids provides five goats to poor families. The goats’ milk means that children get vital protein and nutrients and mothers can start to earn a living by selling any left over. A team in Darfur sources the animals from markets and has also provided donkeys for transport and chickens for the elderly, who can eat and sell the eggs.

The charity has also installed hand-pumps to provide clean water, built nurseries, health and veterinary centres and trained vets, first aiders and midwives.

Ms Allum said: “People don’t tend to hear about the situation in Dafur much, so we want to raise awareness.

“Inflation there is over 400 per cent and the poorest families survive on the equivalent of £25 per year. And they’re bearing the brunt of climate change — droughts, floods and disease are an everyday risk.”

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