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Village school rated ‘good’ again in Ofsted inspection

Village school rated ‘good’ again in Ofsted inspection

SHIPLAKE Primary School has once again been rated “good”.

Two inspectors from the education watchdog Ofsted visited the school in Memorial Avenue in March.

This is the third time in 11 years that the Church of England school has been rated good, the second highest rating.

The inspectors’ report says: “Pupils like their school and are happy to attend every day. Pupils say that they feel very safe because they know that the staff care about them a lot.

“They feel listened to and say that adults who work in the school support their wellbeing.

“The school has high expectations of what pupils can achieve. Leaders, teachers and support staff help pupils do well academically and

The inspectors singled out the school’s four “pillars” of learning, innovation, community and faith.

Their report said: “They are at the heart of the school’s work. Staff work with pupils to use the ‘pillars’ in a meaningful way in their daily lives.”

It also said the pupils behaved well in lessons and were polite and friendly, playing together happily at breaktimes.

The report added: “Leaders provide opportunities for all pupils to develop wider talents and interests. For example, many pupils relish the chance to learn new skills in clubs, such as cookery.

“Pupils contribute to their school and wider community by acting as school councillors, eco-councillors, sports ambassadors or anti-bullying ambassadors, and raising money for charity.

The school was praised for its “rich and ambitious” curriculum.

Headteacher Katherine Page-Howie, who joined a year before the last full inspection in 2011, said: “We are really proud of our Ofsted report because we feel it reflects us as a school and it also talked about our pillars. It also reflected the staff team and how they work together. It’s a very close team.”

Bursar Michelle Harris, who has been at the school 25 years, said: “I love my job and that is why I have stayed so long.

“I have been allowed to grow in my job as well — I started off as a receptionist and secretary and then over time I have taken on more and more.

“I have done my professional qualifications through the school.”

Nikki Boyd, key stage 2 leader, who joined the school after university more than four years ago, said: “It’s such a nice place to work and the children are lovely and it is such a good team.”

Key stage 1 leader Amy White, who has also been at the school four years, said: “I worked here before I left to do my teacher training and then came back.

“It is a unique, caring environment which is hard to replicate.” The inspectors said there was one area where the school could improve: “There are time wehn teachers do not deepen pupils’ learning sufficiently because the work they set is ambitious enogh.

“As a result, some pupils do not always learn as well as they could.”

Mrs Page-Howie said: “It’s something we will be looking to improve. I think in some of our lessons already there is clear depth to what is being taught and learnt.

“It will be something we will focus on because it has been highlighted as an improvement but I would say that it is still very much going on within school.”

She added: “I would like to thank the staff and our children because they make the place what it is.

“It’s through everybody working together we are able to get a report like this with so many good things. It’s thanks to everybody involved in the school that we can achieve what we do.”

The school is due to be inspected again in 2026.

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