Friday, 04 December 2020

Six homes planned at site of former Thai restaurant

A FORMER restaurant on a busy main road is set to be redeveloped for housing.

JPP Land, of Wargrave, wants to demolish the former Nakhon Thai on the A4074 at Cane End and build six houses, four detached and two semi-detached.

A design and access statement by architects the Edwards Irish Partnership says the development would make good use of the half-acre site, which is in Kidmore End parish.

It says: “The opportunity exists to replace a large open area of tarmac and, for the most part, a nondescript large building, both of which add nothing to the site’s location within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with a more sensitive residential-scale development which has been integrated into landscape proposals and would elevate the site into one more fitting to the character of the AONB.”

Residents in the area have welcomed the plans, saying it would be making good use of the disused restaurant but some are worried about road safety.

Helena Wheatman, of Reading Road, Cane End, said she would like the speed limit on that stretch reduced from 40mph to 30mph if the development went ahead.

She said: “My property is directly opposite the proposed development and, as it is currently in a state of neglect, I do not object to this small development.

“However, I would like to raise the issue of traffic and access to and from this development and would ask the council to consider reducing the speed limit.

“This proposed development and my property are on a slight bend which makes it hazardous and there have been multiple accidents outside my property at the junction with Horsepond Road.

“With more residents pulling out on to this road there will be an increase in accidents on what is already a dangerous road.”

Sarah Bew, of Park Lane, Cane End, agreed.

She said: “Both the Horsepond Road and Park Lane junctions are treacherous and with more residents this should be a key concern.

“Cars speeding on these roads make driving and also crossing the road quite dangerous.”

Dr Kristian Hamer, of Tokers Green Lane, said: “The A4074 is a major road and it is reasonable to expect 40mph limit along this stretch.

“I do not support the preservation of the main entrance to this site off the A4074. The junctions of Horsepond Road and Park Lane are already close together and the additional use of the road to the site will cause a lot of difficulty for vehicles trying to pull out on the A4074. As others have said, there have been numerous accidents or near-misses.

“My suggestion is that the entrance to the site is made from Park Lane and the other entrances are closed off or alternatively the Horsepond Road entrance is retained and the other is blocked up.”

Glyn Heald, of Horsepond Road, said: “I recognise this development is new and extends the village and is also situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

“However, I believe sympathetic development such as is proposed should be encouraged to meet the future housing needs of the area.

“I would like to commend the developers and believe they should be applauded for their approach to this development.”

Kidmore End Parish Council has expressed no strong views on the application. South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, will make the final decision.

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