Wednesday, 17 August 2022

What about all the Waitrose cups?

What about all the Waitrose cups?

Sir, — Your spread on Henley’s coffee sellers was both welcome and informative but made no mention of one of the town’s biggest providers of takeaway coffee cups, Waitrose.

Indeed, to judge by the number of coffee cups bearing a brand name that are dropped as litter, Waitrose must be way ahead of all rivals, presumably because it gives coffee away free.

I regularly pick up rubbish along a short stretch of the Nettlebed-to-Highmoor road and find Waitrose cups commoner than any other branded piece of litter.

Having gathered more than 100 such cups, I presented them to the manager of the Henley store not long ago and pointed that out to him.

He was most obliging but said he was powerless to change the policy of giving away coffee, even though this seems to encourage Waitrose customers to chuck the empty cups out of their cars as they come through Nettlebed woods.

He also said that Waitrose cups are not generally recyclable but the store will take them for recycling if you bring them back. My guess is that almost no one does.

I should add that, although Waitrose cups are the commonest things I pick up, they amount to a tiny fraction of the total.

All the roads around Henley are fringed with litter of every kind, much of it unlikely to rot in the lifetime of anyone alive and the council seems to care as little as the litter-droppers about tackling the problem. — Yours faithfully,

Johnny Grimond


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