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Mystery of Forties murder victim

Mystery of Forties murder victim

Sir, — I know that, on occasion, the Henley Standard has run editorials regarding the unfortunate Doris Staples, who was shot dead by American GI John Waters.

The crime, which took place on July 14, 1943, sent shockwaves through Henley.

I have been researching Doris for some time and there are few known facts about this lady.

She was born in Guernsey and, it would appear, was evacuated to the mainland in the run-up to the Second World War. She arrived in Henley and took lodgings at 159 Reading Road, where her landlady was a Mrs McKenzie.

Doris Mary Staples was buried at Henley Cemetery (Old Cemetery, area 16, plot 106) in Fair Mile on July 20, 1943.

The plot is photograped above. There is no gravestone but the grassy area is where Doris is buried.

Do any readers know of Mrs McKenzie? — Yours faithfully,

Elizabeth Hazeldine


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