Sunday, 16 January 2022

Yet more thoughtless behaviour

Yet more thoughtless behaviour

Sir, — This is yet another example of antisocial behaviour — the remnants of someone’s fence that has been dumped, possibly by an unprofessional professional, at the foot of Stony Lane in Harpsden between October 6 and 9.

Could it be that the charges for dumping waste have become prohibitive for very small companies, thus proliferating these dreadful scenes? — Yours faithfully,

Jane Burtt


Sir, — I would just like to tell the two men who walked down Leaver Road on Sunday afternoon and let their dog do its business right in front of my house, you disgust me.

I wish I knew who you are and where you live so that I could give it back to you! Pick up your dog’s mess or don’t have a dog. — Yours faithfully

Mrs J Hadley

Leaver Road, Henley

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