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I’ll help you stay looking as good as me, says Angie

ANGIE BEST is to write a book on health and fitness for older women after receiving compliments about her looks

ANGIE BEST is to write a book on health and fitness for older women after receiving compliments about her looks online.

The 62-year-old model and trainer, who owns the Metaphysical gym at Henley Business School, took part in a photoshoot for Hello! magazine with her son Calum, 33.

A fan posted the image on Twitter, next to a shot of that week’s cover featuring the Duchess of Cornwall, who is 67, and wrote, “Great photo... unbelievable that Angie and Camilla are similar age.”

The tweet was favourited and shared more than a dozen times with one follower saying, “A beautiful woman with an equally handsome son.”

Mrs Best, who lives in Bix Common, also received private messages asking how she had kept her youthful appearance and says she now wants to share her secrets.

She wrote a book about the menopause called Change For The Best in the late Nineties but says she has learnt a lot since then.

Mrs Best said, “When the photo was put up, my Twitter account just went nuts with people asking how I did it.

“I called my publisher last week and said, ‘is it not time to update my book?’ and they agreed. It had been at the back of my mind since I came to Henley in 2008 but this pushed me into doing it, so it was good timing.

“I’m very excited because there are so many new things out there to keep us girls of a certain age looking absolutely gorgeous.”

She said strength exercises were more important than aerobics for burning fat, strengthening the body and looking young.

She also recommends vitamin injections, where a cocktail of vitamins is infused directly into the body via an intravenous drip.

The practice has been popularised by celebrities such as singers Rihanna, Madonna and Rita Ora and model Cara Delevingne.

Mrs Best believes the treatment, which can cost anything from £25 to several hundred pounds, will become widespread. She said, “We now truly know how important it is to keep your vitamin and mineral levels high and infusions are the latest thing in America.

“They contain antioxidants, which eat up all the toxins that ravage the body and contribute to the ageing process.

“I’m going to London to have my first treatment soon and I’m looking forward to it.

“There are lots of other things to know but I’m not going to tell you any more - I’ve got a book to write.

“I have a whole slew of things to write about and my first task will be to sit down and get my head around it all.”

Mrs Best, the former wife of the late George Best, added, “I think people can very easily make all the lifestyle changes that I recommend once they’ve learned about them.

“Women don’t have to resign themselves to a middle-aged spread any more. The sad thing is that many of them just don’t realise it.

“Life is so busy and women aren’t encouraged enough to focus on themselves and their lifestyles. They have to think about their homes, their careers and their families.

“I do think that’s shifting, though. They’re realising they don’t have to look like their mothers did later in life - they can look and feel much better and live the life they want to for far longer.”

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