Saturday, 04 December 2021

Villages renew effort to reduce speeding

TWO villages are trying to stop drivers speeding.

Nettlebed Parish Council has given “20’s Plenty” stickers to residents of Watlington Street and High Street to attach to their waste bins so that on collection days they will visible to passing traffic.

20’s Plenty for Us is a not-for-profit organisation which campaigns to make towns and villages safer.

The speed limit through Nettlebed is 30mph but parish councillors say they have often seen drives travelling at nearly twice this speed, despite there being speed bumps and a crossing outside the village school.

Barbara Lewis, vice-chairwoman of the parish council, said: “This has been a priority for the parish council for as long as I can remember.

“There have been many times when we’ve had a serious look at ways that we can help to control the traffic.

“In 2003, we had the pelican crossing put in outside the school. That helped to a certain extent but then we used to have lollipop ladies and there was a sign saying ‘School, slow down’ but the county council decided we didn’t need it anymore.” She said the parish council wanted to buy a replacement sign, which would be positioned somewhere between the bus shelter on the A4130 and Red Lion House in High Street.

Councillor Lewis added: “It would be solar-powered and say either ‘Slow down’ or ‘Watch your speed’ but there are some that show you what speed you are driving at and I think those would be quite good.”

Bix and Assendon Parish Council believes there is a good case for reducing the speed limit in Middle and Lower Assendon to 20mph from 30mph.

It has asked for asked 100 stickers, including some different ones for use on the A4130, where the speed limit is 40mph.

Chairwoman Ina Chantry said: “Bix really suffers because it has the dual carriageway and traffic comes down there so quickly.”

There is currently a sign on the A4130 that flashes “40mph” and also collects data on the number of cars exceeding the speed limit which is passed to Thames Valley Police.

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