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Video: Children's TV star visits local school

Video: Children's TV star visits local school
CHILDREN’S TV presenter Mr Bloom entertained pupils at the Oratory Prep School in Goring Heath.

Click here to watch our video of Mr Bloom with the children.

The CBeebies gardening star, alias Ben Faulks, put on a 20-minute show to mark the opening of the school’s new nursery block.

He brought a basket full of vegetables which he asked the children to identify before introducing them to a series of fruit and vegetable characters including a courgette called David and a bunch of bananas called Chico, Ronaldo and Nigel.

The children then sang gardening-themed songs, danced like wriggly worms and mimed being seeds growing into plants. After the show, headmaster Joseph Smith gave a speech to parents and chairman of governors Michael Hasslacher unveiled a plaque.

Mr Smith said: “Mr Bloom was wonderful. I’m not sure I could compete with him for entertaining the children as he did a fantastic job.”

The new £1.1 million block contains three classrooms which will house the school’s two kindergarten classes and a new nursery year for two-year-olds.

The building, called Little Oaks, is made of timber and inspired by the design of Swiss chalets. It took three years to plan and build.

The school asked Mr Bloom to visit because pupils take part in gardening activities as part of their weekly timetable.

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