Friday, 25 June 2021

MP: I don’t want air strikes on Islamic State

HENLEY MP John Howell says he is not convinced of the need for air strikes against Islamic State forces in Iraq.

But he says he would back military action if Nato agreed and there was a clear exit strategy for British forces.

President Obama is seeking to build a multi-national coalition to support more air strikes against the Jihadi militants.

David Cameron has said that the backing of Arab nations would be crucial if military and political action is to succeed. Mr Howell said: “I would need to be very convinced if we were going to use any air strikes in Iraq but I am open-minded. I am waiting to hear all the arguments that are put forward.

“Isis has got to be dealt with but the best way to do it is as a localised matter, for the Iraqis to secure it themselves. That still has to be the best way of solving this as they can’t go on relying on western support.”

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