Saturday, 18 September 2021

School issues covid guidance to pupils before new term

STUDENTS at The Piggott School in Wargrave have been briefed on what to expect when they return in September.

The Twford Road secondary has issued guidance to pupils and parents on how the school will operate.

Arrival and departure times will be staggered to reduce contact, as will break times. The school will have special cleaning arrangements in place and will encourage social distancing and high standards of hygiene among staff and pupils.

Extra wash basins will be installed around the school to promote handwashing.

Doors and windows will be kept open to improve air flow and air conditioning will not be used. All toilets will be available and these will be checked regularly to ensure there is enough hand wash.

The canteen will be open during the day and safety measures will be used to minimise contact.

Inside the classrooms, pupils will not be permitted to share learning materials and there will be no group work.

In order to reduce the risk of infection, teachers will not physically collect work to mark and will use other methods of assessing pupil progress.

Deputy headteacher Rachel Alexander said: “Health and safety for all of our school community is paramount.  Students are expected to follow instructions promptly and comply with expectations. There will be consequences and sanctions in place for unsafe behaviour.

“Only students and staff who are in good health are permitted to enter the school site — do not come to school if you have coronavirus symptoms. The school is not planning to provide any covid-19 testing at this time.

“Signage will be displayed to support staff and students in understanding the structure of the school day, indicating which week and lesson pattern to follow.

“Staggered arrival times, break times, lunch times and departure times will be issued to each year group. Signage will dictate one-way systems and movement around the school buildings. Upon arrival, students should wash their hands thoroughly. Students should aim to arrive close to their arrival time and move immediately to their tutor base after washing their hands.

“Classrooms will have a modified layout, where possible, so that desks are facing the front of the class. Upon entering the classroom, all instructions given by staff must be followed. This will ensure the safety of all.

“Students will move directly to the location of the next lesson following one-way systems. This will be supervised as necessary and students will need to take responsibility for social distancing.

“Where necessary, additional intervention will be provided to support the management and understanding of change and new processes.”

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