Thursday, 21 October 2021

Rotary Club of Henley Bridge

Rotary Club of Henley Bridge

OK Our Kids is a community interest company set up by Tony and Lynn Churchill to provide helpful advice on everyday dangers to children aged six to 11 years.

At last week’s meeting, Mr Churchill explained to members how he came to write and design a full colour guide for use in junior schools around the country.

Formerly an artist for an advertising agency, he worked for some time for Thames Valley Police as a community support officer.

In that role he found there was a shortage of reading material with impactful visual content on the subject of children’s safety.

With his wife Lynn’s help, he set about creating a colourful and comprehensive guide called “Watch Out!”

This covers most of the dangers that small children may meet, such as stranger danger, road awareness, internet risks, gangs and diversity to name only five out of the 25 or so topics included.

Each subject is covered using photographs showing Do’s and Don’ts, together with a child’s drawing illustrating the danger being discussed.

There is also a list of helpful telephone numbers and websites about the issue. The book is intended to be read by children during safety lessons at school or alongside their parents.

Mr and Mrs Churchill have secured several sponsors, including the local Rotary district. Many local Rotary clubs are raising the funds to place copies of the guide in their region’s schools. This club is one of them.

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