Friday, 22 October 2021

Rotary Club of Henley Bridge

THE Rotary Club of Henley Bridge has been supporting the Henley food bank run by the charity Nomad since the lockdown began.

Like many other local organisations, the club has been made aware of local need and is happy to help in any way possible.

Members are donating some of their weekly food subscription to Nomad. To date, we have donated £840 plus £210 in Gift Aid, giving a total figure of £1,050.

The club intends to continue to donate to the food bank until the lockdown is over. Nomad has not stopped working during the covid-19 pandemic despite most of its regular programmes being on hold during the lockdown.

The food bank, a small aspect of the charity’s work, has become a key support for families and individuals in need.

It has been running for several years but since the lockdown started demand has increased by 800 per cent.

During April the team collected food, packed bags and provided 195 food parcels to individuals, children, young people and families. In all, the 452 bags that were made up supported 144 children and young people, 299 adults and seven homeless people. This compared with the 24 food parcels that were delivered in the same period in 2019.

Nomad is extremely grateful to the people of Henley and surrounding villages for the continued donations of food and money.

Money donations allow it to purchase specific items of food, including fresh produce, or provide food vouchers. Nomad provides tailor-made quality food parcels.

The people receiving parcels are very appreciative and many messages of thanks have been received by the charity.

Our club continues to meet via Zoom on a regular basis with interesting speakers booked for the future.

Judith Diamont, the UK national advocacy advisor for Rotary’s international polio committee, will be attending the president’s handover meeting on June 17 to speak about how the polio eradication programme is fairing as countries face lockdown.

Sue Prior, of Nomad, will be talking about the work of the food bank in on July 22.

If you would like to attend one of our talks or meet some local Rotarians online, please call the incoming president Annie Lathaen on 07769 687326.

Annie Lathaen

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