Friday, 03 December 2021

Children enjoy visit from beekeeper

Children enjoy visit from beekeeper

PUPILS at St Mary’s nursery in Henley enjoyed a visit from a beekeeper for World Bee Day last week. 

Henley Honey, of Peppard Road, visited the children to teach them about how they care for the bees and how the insects make honey. 

The pupils at the nursery in St Andrews Road also had the opportunity to dress like a beekeeper, hold the smoker used when collecting honey and to take out the frames from the hives.  

Kate Catlin, manager of the nursery, said: “We know that our children really benefit from the opportunity to engage in hands on learning. 

“They love to have the chance to pick things up and examine them, and always ask really great questions.

“These kinds of sensory sessions really bring their learning to life.”

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