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Neighbours object to swimming pool plan

Neighbours object to swimming pool plan

A MAN’S plans to build a swimming pool in his garden have been opposed by neighbours.

Steven Esom has applied to South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, for permission for the 6m by 3m pool at his home in St Andrew’s Road, Henley.

Neighbours say it would be an inappropriate development in a conservation area and that trees could be damaged during excavation works.

They are also concerned about noise and light from the pool in the evenings.

Nick Raine said: “Given the pool would be less than 3m away, the impact would be relentless and when it was used at night with the noise and lighting it would be quite overpowering.

“We also have concerns as Henley residents in respect of the harm caused to the character and appearance of the conservation area.

“The application site has a wooded garden, which provides much of the character in this prominent part of the conservation area.

“The pool is surrounded by horse chestnuts and other large trees. During construction we fear the roots of the trees would be damaged and once the pool was in use there would be pressure to prune or fell the trees.”

Conrad Bodman, of Vicarage Road, said he was concerned about the noise from the pump room, which would be housed in a shed.

He said: “That would be 4.5m from our living room and bedroom windows and not much further from our children’s bedrooms.

“We’re also concerned more generally about the damage to the trees. We feel any excavation to the site would damage the roots and if trees had to be removed that would exacerbate any noise created.

“It would have to be illuminated for safety reasons at night and that light would lead to an increasing urbanisation of the conservation area.”

Henley Town Council’s planning committee has recommended the application is refused.

Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak said there were “significant issues” with it and Councillor Will Hamilton described the plans as “unneighbourly”.

The district council’s environmental health officer has not raised any objections but has asked for a noise assessment to be carried out.

The council is due to make a decision by March 9.

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