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Team Yebellina united in defeat

Team Yebellina united in defeat

BOTH of Graham Bell’s professional dance partners on Dancing on Ice said they were sad to see him knocked out so quickly.

Karina Manta, who was drafted in to replace his original partner Yebin Mok, shared a photograph of the pair performing their Grease routine on her Instagram page on Monday.

The 24-year-old American said: “Oh well! Looks like we’re a couple of beauty school drop-outs” accompanied by a shrugging emoji.

She added: “Thanks to everyone who supported me and Graham. We had a great time out there last night and it has been such a special experience to compete on the show. I’d say it wasn’t a bad run for training less than three weeks together.

“I wish Graham could have stuck around a bit longer so you all could have had a chance to witness the incredible partnership he had with Yebin but you can see a little piece of their beautiful work together on her page.”

Mok, a fellow American who stayed on as Bell’s coach after being sidelined by her injury, jokingly referred to the trio on social media as “Team Yebellina”.

She shared a video of their training sessions in which Bell held her in a low dip while skating at speed, spun her over his body and lifted her above his head with his arms fully extended.

She said: “Sometimes life gives you lemons and they are just lemons. I’m gutted that Graham’s journey on Dancing on Ice has been cut so short. We had so much more to show that was in the works. Such a shame but I can share them with you now. Here’s to a man who works bloody hard, never gives up and is my champion. I’m so proud of the work and dedication we’ve put in. THAT was real.”

The posts contradicted reports in tabloid newspapers of a heated exchange between Bell and Manta after the results announced.

Bell acknowledged his loss with a short post which read: “Our last dance with Karina... shame it wasn’t good enough to keep us in the show. Great track, great choreography by Yebin.”

Nick English, who co-owns Henley watchmaker Bremont, said: “Looks pretty impressive to me. What were the judges on?”

Another fan replied: “It WAS good enough — your skate-off was brilliant. You just can’t compete with the social media reach of a football legend’s wife.”

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