Thursday, 18 August 2022

Sleepy, mud-loving dream dog

Sleepy, mud-loving dream dog

THIS is Hope, my 60 kilo, almost six-year-old Saint Bernard hairy baby.

She is my world. She generally sleeps about 23 hours a day and I love nothing more the drifting off to sleep at night listening to her deep breathing and snoring. When she’s not snoring or yawning, Hope loves walks and just hanging out with us. Large masses of muddy water are her nemesis and she simply cannot walk by without plunging a paw, belly and face into them.

Never happier than when she is covered in mud and smelling of Eau de Chien, she is more often called “no Hope”.

She has cost me a small fortune over the years and I worry about her beyond what my boyfriend deems rational, but he knows she came first.

She is my first true love and most definitely still cheaper than therapy.

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