Friday, 17 September 2021

Home owners could be charged for unruly hedges

RESIDENTS of Wargrave who let their trees and hedges grow over roads and pavements could be charged to have them cut back.

The warning was issued after villager John Fryer complained about the problem in School Lane and Dark Lane, saying the latter was dangerous.

He told a meeting of Wagrave Parish Council: “The other place is the path next to the Woodclyffe Hall, — someone with a pram is going to walk out into traffic.

“My daughter in Olney says anyone with overgrown verges gets a letter saying they need to cut it within a month or the council will cut it and send them a bill.”

Parish clerk Stephen Hedges confirmed that Wokingham Borough Council operated the same rules.

Chairman Richard Bush said a borough council highways officer had looked at Dark Lane and said there was no problem. “I disagree with that,” he added.

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