Saturday, 04 December 2021

Man sent racist card

Man sent racist card

A MAN has been found guilty of sending a racist “Christmas” card.

Bryan Olliver, 48, of Bensgrove Way, Woodcote, sent a card with a picture of a smiling monkey to Michael Read’s home on Christmas Eve 2019.

Michael Read said he thought his family was “in danger” as the card was racist towards his partner, Heidi Price, who is half Jamaican. Oxford Magistrates’ Court heard that the card, which was bought on eBay, was traced back to Olliver’s PayPal account and delivery address. Olliver denied that he had bought the card and suggested someone else had “done him up”.

Four months later, Mr Read was riding his bicycle in Woodcote when he was spat on by Olliver as he drove past in his van.

The spit landed on his right forearm and tracksuit bottoms.

Mr Read said he was “surprised” as he hadn’t had any contact with Olliver since the pair worked together about 10 years before. A month later, on May 15, Olliver spat on Mr Read’s mother, Angela, as she was walking her dog.

She said she was “flustered, scared and worried” as it was the start of the coronavirus pandemic but no spit landed on her.

Mrs Read said she recognised Olliver as she used to be a dinner lady at Langtree School in Woodcote where he was a pupil.

Olliver was foud guilty of malicious communication, assault by beating and assault.

He will be sentenced on Wednesday, October 20.

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