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It has to be cheesecake.....

A PAIR of newlyweds from Henley celebrated their marriage with a giant cheesecake

A PAIR of newlyweds from Henley celebrated their marriage with a giant cheesecake.

Carl and Rachael Griffiths, of Park Road, decided on the somewhat unusual wedding cake in tribute to the restaurant pudding they used to enjoy when they starting going out together in 2013.

They met when Carl, 36, worked in corporate sales for mobile network EE and 26-year-old Rachael was working for the Infinite Group, where she is still a marketing account manager.

They would meet up in Henley as it was roughly half way between Carl’s then house in Tring and Rachael’s home in Swindon.

Rachael, née Yockney, said: “When we first started dating we would go to Henley in the middle of the week.

“We were both super busy and Wednesday would be our date night. We would always end up in Pizza Express and Carl’s favourite was the cheesecake and I would always steal some from him!”

She came up with the idea for the cheesecake for their wedding in Bibury in the Cotswolds on July 21 and Carl agreed, naturally. Rachael said: “We did not want just a traditional wedding cake, we wanted a cheesecake so I asked Pizza Express if it was possible.”

The request was sent to Andy Taylor, manager of the Henley branch of the restaurant chain off Market Place, where the couple used to meet for dinner dates.

He said: “I got an email from head office forwarding Rachael’s request.

“It said, ‘my fiance and I fell in love in your branch and the first thing we had in common was how much we enjoyed your vanilla cheesecake’.” Rachael wrote about the couple’s vision for a three-tiered wedding cheesecake.

Andy said: “I got in touch and said we would love to supply it. We had to contact our supplier because normally i comes to us sliced rather than as a whole.

“The couple are regular customers here so when they came I spoke to Carl and he was really enthusiastic about the whole thing.”

Pizza Express agreed to supply the special cake free of charge. It was decorated with flowers on each layer and had a layer of traditional wedding cake on top.

Andy added: “I don’t know how much the final cake differed from their vision but the pictures of it from the wedding look amazing.”

Rachael said the cheesecake was a hit with the guests at their wedding reception. “It made everybody smile,” she said. “It was just a bit of fun but it was stunning.”

Pizza Express is now considering changing the name of its vanilla cheesecake on the menu to the “Rachael and Carl Cheesecake”.

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