Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Musician happy with success of pizzas

A TRIAL of a takeaway pizza business in Wargrave has been deemed a success.

Musician Nick Fyffe started Wargrave Pizza Club last year when the coronavirus pandemic meant he had to cancel his live shows.

He switched to selling Neapolitan-style pizzas and was given permission by the parish council to have two portable ovens and a gazebo at the recreation ground from 4.30pm  to 8.30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays for three months.

Councillors wanted to ensure there would be no problems with litter or people gathering in breach of the covid restrictions.

Now they have agreed to allow him a licence, to be reviewwed annually, after hearing that no issues had been reported.

Mr Fyffe, 48, who plays bass guitar with rock band the Temperance Movement, said: “Obviously, I am happy that they are happy but I wasn’t too worried.

“I think the early reservations they had were understandable but they needed to see it working and that it wasn’t the sort of thing that would attract teenagers and create loads of litter. It is just not that kind of business.

“It has gone incredibly well and I am getting a lot of good feedback. Lots of people have said it is a great addition to the village.

“Tuesdays could do with picking up a bit but I think they will once restrictions ease and some of the clubs go back. Fridays are absolutely packed and I’m turning people away. I’m getting a lot of people from the surrounding areas. The most orders I’ve done is 70.

“As we come into spring and the weather gets warmer, it should get even better.

“I know it is good pizza, so it is not a total shock to me that people think it is good as well.”

Customers must order in advance and collect during pre-arranged time slots, which are every 15 minutes.

Mr Fyffe, who used to be bassist with successful funk group Jamiroquai, said he had put a lot of hard work into the business.

He added: “I feel fortunate to have managed to set it up and it has given me an income when there is no music industry. It doesn’t look like that’s going to come back any time soon but I’ve not had to panic.

“I actually really enjoy it because it gets me out of the house and when people come to pick up their orders I get to say hello to other humans. I think they enjoy it as well.

“I’ve got regulars and there are people booking for Fridays well in advance because everyone knows it sells out so quickly.”

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