Wednesday, 10 August 2022

£5,000 grant for women's regatta

HENLEY Women’s Regatta isto receive £5,000 from Henley Town Council.

The money will go towards £44,000 of new equipment, including a floating pontoon, boat racks and a storage facility. The will reduce the regatta’s costs as it won’t have to loan equipment while at other times of year its equipment could be loaned out to generate income.

Philip Plato, a member of the regatta’s executive committee, said the event cost about £100,000 to run. He said: “Our main objective is our financial security and our aim is to try to generate two years’ cash. Although we have made a lot of progress, we are still some way off. Two years cash is £200,000 and at the moment we are at about £83,000.”

Last year the town council gave the regatta £10,000 to help pay for internet streaming of the event and additional facilities.

Mr Plato said the about 100,000 people had watched the stream during the event in June and this had helped it attract a donation of £45,000.

The organisers are recruiting more volunteers to help build up sponsorship income and encourage donations.

Mr Plato said the regatta brought about £300,000 into the town’s economy.

Councillor Lorraine Hillier said: “It’s another example of Henley being put on the world map. It is certainly worthy of a grant because it’s successful. The ladies spend an awful lot in the town and it brings vitality.”

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