Monday, 04 July 2022

Hidden Henley

SONNING’S “trick” post box has reappeared.

SONNING’S “trick” post box has reappeared.

In early 2013 I shared a photograph of it high up on a wall in the village high street, out of reach of all but the very tallest Olympian, and the slot for letters did not lead anywhere anyway.

Later that year the post box was repositioned on Sonning bridge where only the most determined boater would reach it.

More recently, a black door not dissimilar to that of No 10 Downing Street was affixed to the bridge, presumably in honour of our new Prime Minister, who lives in Sonning (albeit rather less these days).

Now the post box has re-appeared, complete with new “collection” times on the plate, on an exceptionally high riverside brick wall near Purley, so that it is inaccessible.

Does anyone know the identity of the practical joker responsible?

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