Monday, 16 May 2022

Honest, humorous look at family life

GEORGIA CHRISTOU’S Yous Two surprises from the start as we see single parent Jonny (Jo-William Tanner) nonchalantly reading the paper in the bath.

The set design by Anthony Travis makes a tatty bathroom the hub for a family drama and contributions from the creative team provide added realism.

Isabel Mayes is strong and likeable as feisty Billie, who is more than a match for Jonny, her dad.

Their relationship is both affectionate and edgy as they struggle with real-life problems. Billie has aspirations but will she see them through as the father/
daughter pair struggle with money worries, unemployment and ill health?

The excellent cast members provide an authentic insight into teenage friendships. Esme Redrup is memorable as Billie’s eccentric and outspoken pal Rachel. Eli Finn Taryn plays Billie’s conflicted boyfriend Fudge. Jonny is fiercely protective of his daughter but has to come to terms with her growing up and the problems she has to face.

The young people are unprepared for what life throws at them but adult Jonny is equally needy and is reluctant to let his daughter go. Family patterns repeat themselves.

This is a searingly honest look at family life, shot through with warm humour and some robust language. The play leaves you asking whether indissoluble family bonds are a good or bad thing.

Superb, sensitive direction by Penny Wenham makes this production compelling, poignant and thought-provoking.

Susan Creed

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