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Henley Royal Regatta Day 3 - as it happened

Live: Henley Royal Regatta Day 3 - results and reaction

7.30pm update: Leander Club B beat Lea Rowing Club in the Fawley Challenge Cup

Leander started strong, finding their rhythm early. Lea kept hold of the overlap throughout the race, ensuring that Leander couldn't take their foot off the gas. Lea increased their stroke rate for an aggressive finish, but just weren't able to pull it back and overtake the leaders. The final verdict was half a length.

Leander B crew will now meet their A crew in the next round.

That's our last local race completed for tonight, so join us tomorrow when we do it all again - for higher stakes!

7.25pm update: Reaction from the Leander crew in the Town

Further to their win against Molesey Boat Club, the Standard's David White caught up with Juliette Perry, 22, in the two seat of the victorious crew. Talking about the race, she said: "We had a really strong start and got a bit up on them. We kept it really relaxed and confident in what we could do. We pushed away from them at the enclosures and opened up clear water. It was a really satisfying race, Molesey are great opposition. Last year our bow girl Rachel lost to them at this point and there's a real rivalry between the two clubs. We had control of the race throughout, which is really nice as an athlete to feel that you're in control of the race.

Tomorrow they face the Chinese National Team, Juliette was philosophical. "It's an Olympic four so I think our chances are slim, but anything can happen at Henley!"

6.55pm Leander Club beat Molesey Boat Club in the Town Challenge Cup

Three Leander wins in a row here, after a strong showing from the coxless four. Molesey was warned several times for steering by the umpire after drifting from their station, and at points were rowing in Leander's puddles. Leander took an early lead but initially the Molesey crew was able to stay close, even while visibly struggling with steering throughout the race.

By the time they reached the enclosure Leander had a decisive lead which saw them cross the line with a verdict of one and three and quarter lengths.

We've got one more race to report on tonight, the Leander B juniors in the Fawley against Lea Rowing Club. Keep reading for results from that and reaction from these Leander crews once they've finished warming down.

6.50pm update: Cambridge University and Leander Club beat Oxford University in the Visitors' Challenge Cup

The results are coming thick and fast now. The Leander Cambridge composite crew had a decisive victory against the Oxford crew, finishing with a verdict of two and a half lengths.

6.42pm update: Leander Club A beat The Tideway Scullers' School C in the Fawley Challenge Cup

Another solid performance by Leander A, who beat Tideway Scullers' School in a time of seven minutes exactly, with a verdict of one and a half lengths.

Stephen Hughes, 17, in the two seat, said: "I think we did a better race than yesterday. We're getting better throughout the tournament. At times it felt slow. It was a powerful start, and we got into our rhythm early on and carried on throughout the race. The conditions were really lumpy, it was very washy out there, especially with the cruisers going by."

Alex Milne, 18, in the bow seat, added: "It's Henley, you back yourself every race. We knew Tideway would go out quite hard and put the pressure on us, we didn't let it affect us. We continued to move away and it was nice to be able to take the rate down at the end."

6.36pm update: Reaction from the victorious Shiplake crew

Following their win against St Joseph's Preparatory School, USA, the coach and some of the crew of the Shiplake College Princess Elizabeth crew has spoken to us on the pontoon following the race.

Shiplake Coach Hugh Mackworth-Praed said: "It was a good performance. Rhety rowed very well and it was nice to get clear water. Looking at it there are still some areas we can work on."

Shiplake will now face Eton in the next round tomorrow. He added: "I think Eton have moved on since National Schools Regatta but so far they haven't beaten us so we'll wait and see what happens. I think Shiplake have only made the final once before and made the semi-final two years ago. We've always just been close but not quite there so this year I think we have a really good shot at it."

Sydney Burnand, at stroke seat, said: "They pushed quite quickly off the start and they were up by a canvas. We just found our rhythm and then continued to push. We started to edge up and just pushed forward until we got a length up. We went out thinking it would be a hard race and could be our last race. But everyone kept it together and we didn't drop off."

Richard Adams, two seat, added: "We knew it was going to be tough. We knew from the race before they would be tired but we didn't want to underestimate them. Eton are going to be fast, we have got to do what we do best."

6.20pm A A S R Skoll and A U S R, Orca, Netherlands beat Leander Club in the Prince of Wales

Heartbreak for Leander in one of the most exciting races we've seen today. The Dutch crew blasted out at the start with real aggression. Leander countered nicely, moving out to about half a length ahead. By Fawley Leander had extended their lead, with a steady rhythm. The Skoll and Orca caught a crab around the three quarter mile mark, allowing Leander to extend their lead to a length.

But as the row progressed Leander caught a crab, given Skoll a chance to pull back half a length, despite being caught in the wash. Leander regained their composure, seemingly spurring them on as they moved up towards the last couple of hundred metres. But Skoll moved back to their station and pushed on, attacking the Leander crew and overtaking them in the dying seconds of the race. The Leander crew really couldn't have done more, and the performance of both crews drew appreciative cheers and applause from the crowd on the banks.

6.10pm Shiplake College beat St Joseph's Preparatory School, USA in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup

A clean start for both eights, with St Joseph's taking a canvas' lead over the local boys. The umpires warned the American crew for steering awry, which seemed to give Shiplake time to find their rhythm and start to move out to a quarter of a length lead as they approached the island.

By the middle of the course, Shiplake were a length or so ahead, and they steadily increased their lead, so by the time they felt the benefit of the Remenham Roar they were in a comfortable position. They crossed the line, booking their place in regatta Saturday in an assured performance with a verdict of one and three quarter lengths.

Comments to follow...

4.10pm Collins and Thomas beat Hull and Dix in the Double Sculls

It's time for our final local race before the tea break, and we've got Leander versus Leander in the Double Sculls. Collins and Thomas took on the Leander and Queens University, Belfast composite of Nathan Hull and Oliver Dix. The race was evenly fought, with Collins and Thomas finishing one length ahead in a time of 7 minutes and 21 seconds.

Leander's John Collins, 30, lives in Upton Close, Henley: "It was very hectic, there was a lot going on. We did our best. We're just really happy we stuck to our plan."

We're all going to cool off for a bit now, but will back after the tea break, with Shiplake College (pictured) due to compete against St Joseph's Preparatory School, USA at 6pm in the next round of the Princess Elizabeth. Shortly after that we have a host of Leander races, leading us up until 7.20pm when Leander Club B take on Lea Rowing Club in the Fawley.

Join us for the evening session and get all the results and reaction as it happens for the last session of the day.

3.55pm update: J W Storey and C W Harris, New Zealand beat J E Jackson and O R R Stephens in the Double Sculls Challenge Cup

Lovely scenes at the end of the latest heat of the Double Sculls. The Kiwi pair beat Jackson and Stephens by three lengths, finishing in a time of 7 minutes and 33 seconds. After disembarking onto the pontoon the two pairs hugged and posed for photos together to mark the moment.

Speaking after the race, Leander's Jonny Jackson, 24, from Chiltern Bank, Peppard, said: "We had a good start and led for about three and a half lengths up from the Island. We held on for a quarter mile, and were still in the lead. We are both retired ex-international rowers and not quite the same level as them."

3.45pm update: Leander Club beat East India Club and Gent, Belgium in the Ladies' Challenge Plate

A solid win for Leander Club in the men's eights. Leander finished in a time of six minutes and 29 seconds with a verdict of one and two quarter lengths.

3.05pm update: A M Ball and T D Ballinger beat P E Poynter and T F Burton in the Silver Goblets and Nickalls' Challenge Cup

The Remenham Roar was out in force for both crews in this Goblets heat, with both having a local connection. Rowing under the umbrella of The Oratory School, Phil Poynter (head of Geography) and Tommy Burton (head of rowing) took on Leander's Alex Ball and Tom Ballinger.

The Oratory pair veered from their station in the early part of the race, but recovered by the Island. By Fawley Leander had reasonably decent control and a clear water distance from their opponents. The Oratory crew upped their strike rate, but ultimately the younger team was victorious over experience with an Easily verdict.

2.45pm update: The Chinese National Rowing Team, China beat Leander Club in The Princess Grace Challenge Cup

It's very rare to see a Leander crew lose a race at Henley Royal Regatta with an Easily verdict, but an assured and focused performance by the Chinese crew saw the women's quad left behind. In a masterful performance the Chinese team reached the barrier in two minutes and four seconds, Fawley in 3 minutes and 29 seconds and finished in a time of 7 minutes 24 seconds.

2.35pm update: H Leask beat M Goretti in the Diamond Challenge Sculls

Harry Leask started with a high rating and by the Island had a good lead, although Garetti was sticking close. By the end the Leander rower had pulled ahead by a distance of two lengths, finishing in a time of 7 minutes and 49 seconds.

2pm update: All set for an afternoon of racing

We're back from lunch and ready for a busy afternoon's racing on the water.

Leander's Harry Leask is first up in a heat of the Diamonds at 2.20pm, closely followed by Leander's crew going up against the Chinese National Rowing Team in the Princess Grace at 2.35pm.

We've also got local rowers appearing in the Goblets at 2.45pm, as well as the Doubles at 3.45pm and 4.05pm so plenty to keep us busy.

12.28pm update: Henley Rowing Club A beat Henley Rowing Club B in the Fawley Challenge Cup

It's always a shame when two crews from the same club end up competing against each other, but sometimes it really is the (bad) luck of the draw.

Henley A finished three and three quarter lengths ahead of their colleagues, reaching the barrier at one minute 57 seconds, Fawley at three minutes 19 seconds and finishing in seven minutes and two seconds, booking their place in Friday's racing.

Jo Long, bow of the Henley A, said: "That was pretty solid. We have a strong first 1,000m and knew the B crew's tactics. We knew they'd try to rattle us at the start but we stayed focused. We didn't hold the second half as well as we could but it did the job and we're happy. Looking forward, we should do well if we get some decent starts. It's odd knowing each other so well and there's quite a bit of pressure as it would be a bit embarrassing to lose to your B crew."

Luke Marshall, who sat in bow in the losing B crew, added: "It was very, very tough facing our A crew. We knew we'd have to get off as fast as we could but they went off hard too and were so quick. We were spent really early on! They've got good chances this week and we can't be unhappy at losing to such a great crew. It feels strange racing them as we're all mates so we can't just stare them down in silence. It must have been one of the friendliest crew rivalries here."

With the lunch break looming, we're taking a break from our live updates now, and will return after lunch for the Diamonds. Leander's Harry Leask will be in action against Italian Martino Goretti at 2.20pm, so join us then.

11.45am update: Leander Club and Imperial College London beat Oxford Brookes University in the Remenham

And now to the women's eights, the Leander and Imperial composite were given a good race by Oxford Brookes, who finished just a length behind the victors. The local crew made it to the barrier in two minutes, Fawley in three minutes and 25 seconds and finished in a creditable time of 7 minutes 15 seconds.

Speaking after the race, Leander's Jo Wratten said: "It was a good first run out of the track for us and we were up against a very strong university crew. We're looking forward to racing tomorrow."

10.20am update: Marlow Rowing Club beat Henley Rowing Club B in the Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup

Henley Rowing Club B started strong from the Berkshire station, but Marlow took an early lead. By Fawley there was not much between the two crews, but Marlow rowed steadily, stretching out their lead and booking their place in the next round with a great performance.

9.45am update: C Baer and J Richter, Germany beat B R Bryan and K J Maitland in the Stonor Challenge Trophy

Disappointment for Leander's Beth Bryan and Katherine Maitland. Speaking after the race, Beth told the Henley Standard's James Burton: "We did our best but in the end we were up against Olympic gold and silver medallists and they were a pretty classy crew. We went out there to race them and I think we did just that. We've had a good season including wins at Henley Women's Regatta so I feel we've done well at everything we've competed in and can't be disappointed with this."

9.25am update: Henley Rowing Club A beat Lady Eleanor Holles School in the Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup

Henley Rowing Club A, who won at the National Schools Regatta, took a lead of about a length by the end of the island. LEH kept close throughout the race, and their junior women's quad - which was set up specifically to race at Henley because there is no junior eight event for them - remained unflustered and kept Henley working for it until the final stroke. The finished with a verdict of two thirds of a length in a time of 7 minutes 41 seconds.

9am update: Shrewsbury School beat Henley Rowing Club C in the Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup

It was disappointment for our local crew in the first of three Henley Rowing Club forays in the Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup this morning. Shrewsbury School beat the C quad with a verdict of three and a quarter lengths in a time of 7 minutes and 44 seconds.

7am update: Welcome to Day 3!

It's another glorious day in Henley, and we're awaiting the start of racing for the third day of Henley Royal Regatta 2019.

It's a relatively early start for our local crews, with this morning being Henley Rowing Club's time to take centre stage in our live blog. Henley Rowing Club C is up first in the start of the Jubilee Challenge Cup against Shrewsbury School at 8.40am. The Club's A crew has their heat in the same competition at 9.15am against Lady Eleanor Holles School, while the B crew gets their turn at 10.10am against Marlow in what, in Henley terms, counts as a local derby.

Finishing up the session before lunch, at 11.50am, Henley Rowing Club A will tackle Henley Rowing Club B in their latest heat of the Fawley Challenge Cup.

In the afternoon session we have Leander crews in action in the Princess Grace and Ladies' before an action-packed evening session, with half a dozen Leander races and Shiplake College taking to the water to fight for their chance to get to the semi-finals of the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup.

Stay with us all day for results updated as they come in and reaction from crew members and coaches interviewed by Henley Standard reporters as soon as they come off the water.

If you missed any of the details of previous days' racing, read our coverage from yesterday's action as it happened, or Wednesday's action from the water.    

If you've bought this week's Henley Standard you'll already have read our regatta supplement, but if you're yet to get your copy we've also got two features to whet your appetite - our profile of Leander vice-captain Will Satch who talks openly about his mental and physical fight to reach the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and an interview with Henley-born Thomas Digby, who in his words was 'big and fat' before taking up rowing and is now a member of the GB under 23s squad and triple national US champion as a member of the Yale University crew.

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