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Henley Royal Regatta Day 2 - as it happened

LIVE: Henley Royal Regatta Day 2 - local results and reaction

7.50pm update: Leander Club A beat The Tideway Scullers' School A in the Fawley Challenge Cup

It's our last local race of the night and a decisive victory for Leander, who beat Tideway Scullers' School in 7 minutes in a verdict of 3 and a half lengths. The crew high fived friends and supporters as they left their pontoon.

7.10pm update: Tideway Scullers' School C beat Henley Rowing Club C in the Fawley Challenge Cup

A strong start from both crews, and an early warning with Tideway Scullers' School from the umpire for drifting away from their station after apparently struggling with their steering, saw Henley looking the more assured crew.
Henley were in the lead for a great part of the race, but towards the last 500m Tideway Scullers ratcheted the rate up and rowed through, acclerating straight past the Henley crew and finishing in a time of 6 minutes and 59 seconds with a verdict of one and a quarter lengths.

The visibly deflated Henley rowers were hugged by their parents and applauded by wellwishers as they came off the water. Speaking after the race, stroke seat Sam Beattie, 16, of St Marks Road, Henley, said: "We were relaxed off the start, went level, and then at the barrier we were up by half a length. Then we continued moving, by Fawley they gained back on us and we attacked but we didn't respond well enough. At the end they rowed a better race."

We've got one local race coming up now this evening, with Leander Club A taking on The Tideway Scullers' School A in the Fawley Challenge Cup.

6.50pm update: Molesey Boat Club beat Upper Thames Boat Club in the Britannia Challenge Cup

A disappointing result for Upper Thames, who were beaten by the Surrey crew in a time of 7 minutes and 24 seconds with an easily verdict.

Speaking after the race, Upper Thames' George Eden, 26, from Lodden Drive, Wargrave, said: "We knew we were the less fast crew. We got off at the start, then they came back at us. We had a little ding dong, a little bit of a scrap. They were much faster than us, it was horrible. We just tried to hold on, but we're happy to represent our local club."

6.30pm update: Leander Club B beat St Peter's College New Zealand in the Fawley Challenge Cup.

We're back for the evening session, with Leander B taking on a well-respected Kiwi crew in the Fawley in our first race of the final session.

Leander finished in a time of 6 minutes and 56 seconds, with a verdict of three quarters of a length.

The crew is currently warming down, so we're hoping to talk to them when they're finished, but in the meantime Upper Thames and Henley Rowing Club C are both up in the next twenty minutes or so, so there's a lot more to enjoy for spectators wanting to see their local rowers in action, whether watching on the banks or via YouTube.

4.25pm update: N G Hull and O J Dix beat M S Cummings and Z Youell in the Double Sculls

Leander's Oliver Dix and his sculling partner, Queens University, Belfast's Nathan Hull took control early on, pulling away from the Thames sculling crew and commanding a strong lead which saw them looking like they were heading towards an easily verdict. Thames pushed on, upping their strike rate to try and close some of the gap, with the verdict finishing as three and a third lengths.

Speaking afterwards, Olly said: “It was really, really enjoyable. It was N’s first time at Henley and it was really nice to be able to get him down the track successfully. It’s always nice winning anything at Henley, isn’t it? The next round could be interesting as Collins and Thomas are in the GB squad so they’re formidable opponents with an extremely successful track record on the world stage. We’ll just have to give it a go and see what happens – anything can happen at Henley.”

We're now heading into tea time, join us for the evening session when our coverage continues, with our first local race due to start at 6.15pm.

4pm update: J E Jackson and O R R Stephens beat J Heuchan and B C D Parsonage in the Double Sculls

Victory for Upper Thames, after their crew beat Scottish crew John Heuchan and Ben Parsonage. In a thrilling race, the local crew finished in a time of 7 minutes 30 seconds and a verdict of two lengths.

Speaking afterwards, Upper Thames' Jonny Jackson said: “That felt like a long one! It was a brilliant row and the weather was great compared with recent years. I always enjoy rowing on the Henley course – it’s a pretty magical experience for anyone who’s not done it and I enjoyed having the chance to row for my first club. We’re really up against it in the next one with the New Zealand national team but our stroke is a Kiwi with a personal vendetta so we’re going to really take it to them!”

3.40pm update: K Borch, Norway beat S G Innes in the Diamond Challenge Sculls

Leander's Stuart Innes was disappointed in the Diamond Challenge Sculls, after losing to Norway's Kjetil Borch, with a verdict of two and a quarter lengths. But Innes, of Binfield Heath, was in good spirits when he was greeted back at Leander Club by his parents Nicky and Duncan, who hugged him. He said: "It's fantastic to be back out there, to be honest. I haven't raced at Henley for the last four years and it's such an honour to be back. To race against the world champion is just a bonus."

2.55pm update: Shiplake College beat Reading Blue Coat School in the Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup

A local derby to start back from lunch, with Reading Blue Coat School ultimately being disappointed after a strong showing from the Shiplake crew, who finished in a time of 6 minutes 49 seconds, with a verdict of one and three quarter lengths. The crowds on the banks were vociferous in their support of both crews, with family, friends and school staff all cheering their rowers to the finish line.

Speaking to the Henley Standard's James Burton after the race, Allan French, head of rowing at Reading Blue Coat School, said: "First of all, it's fantastic to see the boys racing on the Thursday of the regatta, which has never happened before. They are a fantastic crew and we took it to Shiplake but we ultimately beaten by a faster crew. Three of our guys had raced at Henley before but five hadn't so for them the training in the days immediately beforehand is very special and will help drive them into the next season."

Asked how it felt to have a local derby, he added: "Whoever you're racing against, you have to stay focused on what you're doing. We know Shiplake very well and they're a very strong crew but it's more important to keep your mind on your own boat rather than thinking about who your opponents are."

Hugh Mackworth-Praed, who coaches the Shiplake eight, said: "It was a good race which went as we thought it would. We were quite confident and just wanted to get a lead from the start to dominate the race. We regularly train against Reading Blue Coat on their stretch so we know their speed and there's a friendly rivalry."

Shiplake will now row against St Joseph's Preparatory School, USA in the next round.

12.25pm update: Reaction from Leander and time for lunch!

Further to the Leander win against the University of London and Edinburgh University crew in the Prince of Wales, we spoke to Leander's Victor Kleshnev, 19, from Slough, after the crew's warm down. He said: "The start was good. We just managed to get an advantage off the start which gave us a nice psychological advantage. We stuck to our plan. They started coming back and we pushed on. Hopefully we can get better and better and go for the win."

That's our last local race of the morning complete, we'll be joining you after the lunch break for our local derby in the Princess Elizabeth, when Reading Blue Coat School and Shiplake College battle for a space in the next round.

Join us after 2pm ready for the afternoon session.

12.05pm update: Wairau Rowing Club, New Zealand beat Upper Thames Rowing Club A in the Thames Challenge Cup

The Kiwis beat our local crew with a verdict of three quarters of a length in 6 minutes and 39 seconds.

Henley Standard reporter Axel Fithen is currently waiting to talk to both the Upper Thames and Leander crews from the last two races, so watch this space for some rower reaction in due course.

12pm update: Leander Club beat University of London and Edinburgh University in the Prince of Wales Challenge Cup.

The breeze has dropped off, leaving lovely conditions for crews on the water. In this Prince of Wales heat Leander started strong and were able to establish and then consolidate their lead, winning by one and a quarter lengths in a time of 6 minutes and 35 seconds.

11.30am update: Dusseldorf and Crefeld, Germany beat Thames Rowing Club and Leander Club in the Visitors' Challenge Cup

Disappointment for Leander as the German crew came out on top after apparent steering problems with the composite crew which saw them veering towards the German boat, seeing a brisk wave of the umpire's flag.

The Germans won in 6 minutes and 45 seconds with a verdict of one third of a length.

Leander's Joe Wolfin, 20, from Station Road, Marlow, said: "The start was good, we were level with them until I think about Fawley and then they put in a really big push. We were just off them and then we started to drop off a bit. We were in their wash."

11.05am update: University College Dublin, Ireland beat Leander Club in the Visitors' Challenge Cup

Disappointment for Leander, with the Irish crew beating them by two and a quarter lengths in a time of six minutes and 53 seconds.

Speaking after the race, Leander's Ryan Todhunter from Henley said: "We had a bit of a scrappy start. We didn't really get out. That allowed the other crew to capitalise. Unfortunately we were not able to make the margin back up."

While at the finish, Henley Standard reporter Axel Fithen was able to catch a moment with some of the Henley Rowing Club A crew who beat Scotch College in the Fawley earlier. Speaking about the race, crew member Edward Roy, 17, of Station Road, Henley, said: "We had a pretty good start. By the time we were at the barrier we had about a length of clear water and I think in our heads then we knew we were going to win. Obviously they are quite a strong crew, so we didn't ease up. It was a good race, we just kept pushing on."

10.40am update: Henley Rowing Club B beat Walton Rowing Club in the Fawley Challenge Cup

A solid start for Henley Rowing Club in the Fawley this year, with both their crews victorious this morning. The B crew finished in a time of 4 minutes and 57 seconds, with a verdict of two lengths.

Crew member Euan Turnell, 17, lives in Greys Road, Henley. He said: "We had a good start and we got about two lengths on them. We were confident we could hold it. We were in a position where we could react to whatever they did."

10.15am update: G M Cooper beat A G Campbell-Orde in the Princess Royal Challenge Cup

Upper Thames' Gillian Cooper, 26, lives in Gainsborough Court, Henley. Speaking after the race, she said: "I've just been working on starts a lot this week, making sure I got my bases covered and to stay relaxed. When you're confident in what you are doing that's fine."

She crossed the line in a time of 8 minutes and 52 seconds with a verdict of one and a quarter lengths.

10.05am update: Cambridge University and Leander Club beat Thames Rowing Club in the Visitors Challenge Cup

The Cambridge Leander composite crew made quick work of the course, finishing in 6 minutes 47 seconds with a verdict of one and a quarter lengths

The composite crew have broken the record at Fawley, reaching it in a time of 3 minutes and 7 seconds.

9.45am update: H D Leask beat M Frankel in the Diamond Challenge Sculls

Leander's Harry David Leask beat M Frankel by three and one quarter lengths in a time of 7 minutes and 45 seconds.

Speaking after the race Mr Leask, 23, who lives in Greys Road, Henley, said: "I just stuck to my usual race plan. It didn't matter about the competition. I got off the start with no great issues, and just had the confidence that if he was sitting there next to me then he was working hard.

"He started to suffer and I started to push on a bit."

9.30am update: Henley Rowing Club 'A' beat Scotch College, Melbourne in the Fawley Challenge Cup

A decisive victory for Henley Rowing Club's A quad, with the local crew finishing in a time of 6 minutes and 56 seconds by a verdict of three lengths.

They rowed back to the Henley HQ immediately after the race ended, so no quotes from our reporter at the finish line on this one.

8am update: Welcome to Henley Royal Regatta 2019 day 2!

It's another glorious day in Henley, with a light breeze on the water but enough sunshine to keep spectators on the banks happy.

We've got a lot of local crews taking to the water today. Leander Club and Henley Rowing Club A are both making their debuts in this year's regatta today, while Upper Thames, Reading Blue Coat School and Shiplake College are all returning after victories yesterday - the latter two in a local derby which will unfortunately see one of our local schoolboy crews knocked out.

We will be updating regularly with all their results, plus reaction and photos as they come in, so keep refreshing this page for everything you need to know about regatta Thursday.

If you missed our coverage from yesterday, here's our roundup of how all our local crews got on and our liveblog which gives colour and reaction from the day as it happened

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