Thursday, 20 February 2020

Debunked: experts tackle the most common driving myths

MYTHS can take hold in any area of life — and motoring is no exception.

That’s why experts from have set out to debunk the UK’s top six driving myths as follows:

1. Insurance depends on car colour. It’s a common misconception that red cars are more expensive to insure, partly due to the thoughts that “boy racers” and more dangerous drivers will opt for a red car. This isn’t true however, with car insurance being based on other much more important information.

2. Eating and driving. Eating and driving isn’t illegal, but if you’re caught being distracted you could be fined £100. If you plan on going through a drive-thru, you must also remember not to pay with your phone if your engine is on, as this is illegal.

3. Smoking and driving. You cannot smoke in the car if you’re travelling with children who are under the age of 18, to protect children from secondhand smoke. You should also be careful that smoking doesn’t cause distraction.

4. Driving in bare feet. It’s not illegal to drive in bare feet, contrary to popular belief. Flip-flops and sliders are also not illegal, with the law stating you must be able to operate the controls safely. However, having sturdy footwear means that you have braking force behind you when you touch the brake.

5. Having open alcohol in the car. Passengers can drink as much alcohol as they like, providing they don’t cause a major distraction to the driver. You should be aware, however, that breathing in alcohol fumes could actually affect you when it comes to a breathalyser test. And it is illegal to have open alcohol if you are supervising a learner driver.

6. Driving round a roundabout. Many people believe that driving around a roundabout more than three times is illegal. There is nothing in the law that states this, so you can’t be in the wrong, other than if it is deemed to be careless driving. Approach roundabouts slowly to ensure you know where you’re going.


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