Friday, 24 May 2019

Meet the Candidates: Andrew Wallis

Meet the Candidates: Andrew Wallis

Andrew Wallis (Grn)

I HAVE lived in the Woodcote and Rotherfield ward with my wife and four children for 15 years and have worked in Henley for the past five years.

I care about climate change and the environment but also about the people who are affected by it.

There are many debates about the environment at a national level, but locally I want to focus on the things that affect people on a day-to-day basis, while also looking after the beautiful countryside in which we live.

As a councillor, I would work to protect our green spaces and wildlife habitats, adopt an approach to planning that supported local communities ahead of corporate profit and encourage local farms and locally produced goods.

I would also look to protect community centres, as well as infrastructure such as bus routes in rural areas that are vital to a great many people with mobility issues and no other means of transport. 

For too long, our local council has been dominated by a small group that does not represent the best interests of local residents and our beautiful rural district, but instead seems determined to concrete over as much of it as possible, by supporting inappropriate housing developments and the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway. I would be a strong Green voice on the council to protect our countryside from over-development.

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