Sunday, 19 September 2021

Making lifestyle changes has to be a gradual process

IF you are looking to make changes to your lifestyle/diet/wellbeing/health then it is a gradual process and one that you have to look after.

Eating one small piece of cake won’t make you fat but eating the whole cake, washing it down with a glass of lemonade every day without exercise will!

We need to work at our changes and create lifestyle changes that suit our needs, our family life and social circumstances.

We need to understand our bodies. Are they an extension of our minds? Yes they are! If we feel good mentally, we look good physically!

Body shapes are all different, we aren’t all built to look like supermodels. We have to learn to live and enjoy the body shapes we were given.

Through lifestyle change, healthy eating, better quality of life, exercise and self-belief we can all become the person we had always hoped we would be when we were doing those faddy diets!

There is a lot of work to be done in making lifestyle changes. Together we will move forward and gain inner strength, which will give us a healthier mind, body and a lifestyle change to last.

Don’t allow yourself to get stressed out while making changes. Give yourself some credit and be proud of where you are at each stage.

Surround yourself with positive people, not people who will drain you, draw your soul out and put you into situations you don’t believe in. People who are negative and down on life.

Find situations, circumstances, people and environments that bring the best out in you and allow you to keep positive and feeling well.

Roadblocks will stop you — don’t let them.

If you would like chat about your wellbeing, please feel free to email me, The Inspirational Mentor, at and I will do my very best to help.

Enjoy your February, see you soon.

Emma-Jane Taylor

Making Permanent Changes

You have to be flexible, keep open-minded

Be positive and think forward

Be full of good spirit and emotions

Remember you are responsible and in control of this journey

Know what you want from this journey — what do you plan to achieve in a year?

Are you ready for lifestyle changes?

The Journey

We go through different phases throughout our life-changing journey. These phases are the battles we face emotionally before we physically start making them. There are six phases of change — see below. If you would like to know about lifestyle change then please email me.

Phase 1 — Changes to be made

Phase 2 — Can I change? Would it be that difficult?

Phase 3 — Let’s get focused

Phase 4 — The big change

Phase 5 — Maintenance

Phase 6 — Finish Line

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