Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Playing the social media game is ‘overloading’ us

ARE you finding it difficult to move forward with anything in your life because you are overloaded with information? Do you find yourself drowning at work, under pressure with your family life and unable to focus on your wellbeing?

Stress plays a massive part in our well-being, state of mind and thought process. So many people struggle to breathe because of the pressures surrounding their lives, and the lack of support.

Stop right there. There is support.

Whatever it is you are feeling under pressure about, remember there is always support, help, guidance. If you lift your head up and look around you will see that there is literally help for you everywhere, but you just might be massively blinkered by life, blindsided by emotional situations to really see what it is you are trying to achieve ... the trees in that wood just might be too dense.

Mental health or mental wellbeing is vitally important. In a day where lives are furiously being played out, technology is constant and pressures are growing it is important we all step back and take a check on what is going on around us.

I recently took part in a study about how technology is taking over our lives and how we aren’t spending time with what is going on in our real life. Social media is taking over, we are living for other people and watching lives being played out that look far better than anything we have going on in ours.

But are they? No. They aren’t. Social media is carefully played by us all. Emails are worded carefully, texts are limited to what people need to know. So why are we wrapped up in it and how did this happen?

I remember being blissfully unaware of other people’s lives many years ago — we used to have to call people, meet for coffees, arrange nights out over the phone or face to face. Life was simple. There were no hidden anxieties or excess pressure surrounding us. It was easy.

Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to say I love social media, but I also know when to take a break, put it down and re-engage in my own life. I have educated myself to switch off from emails over weekends, put my work phone down and engage in life. These are small steps, but powerful moves for me and my life.

As for getting help, there are many outlets around for you to speak to someone confidentially, it is a good thing in this day and age to have a therapist, someone to talk to. Guidance is key to this new age of living and without it many people are drowning in the stress of business and personal situations.

If you are feeling mentally well you will find you feel physically better. Which of course is a whole other conversation on its own. Don’t be alone during dark times. If you tell someone you are okay, they will believe you. Be honest, speak up, have a voice and be heard.

If you would like chat about your wellbeing, please feel free to email me, The Inspirational Mentor, at and I will do my very best to help. Have a great month, see you soon.

Emma-Jane Taylor

Fitness Watch

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