Sunday, 26 September 2021

‘Taking a break’ could hardly be more important

LAST month I spoke a lot about giving ourselves time to indulge and enjoy the world around us. This month I would very much like to pursue this further.

If you are mentally feeling fit, then your physical fitness will be much more focused and manageable. I see so many people spending their lives bashing out the treadmill, eating nothing, drinking juices and constantly feeling the pressure from the external world, social media, parenting, family, pets... it is all in the mix and then what, they have a short-term fix of endorphins before the world comes crashing back down around them. Or course, this isn’t true of everyone, I am not typecasting here but I really want to bring it home, the importance of time out. Mentally recharging and giving your mind and emotions some much needed time to let go.

I recently had a massage and my therapist said something very powerful to me just before she started my treatment: “No one needs you now Emma-Jane.” Right between the eyes! There it was, bang, a reminder that I could just stop, and I did. I understand as well as the next person the pressures of life, but I also have come to understand through my own journey and by working closely with so many others, how important it is to just stop. Remind ourselves that we aren’t always needed and giving ourselves that power to enjoy some relaxation time.

I have been looking at the website recently and they say you should take a break.

Relaxation doesn’t have to take up lots of your time. Just stepping away from something stressful for a few minutes or taking time away from your normal routines and thoughts can give you enough space and distance to feel calmer.

For example, read a book or a magazine, even if it’s only for a few minutes, run yourself a bath, watch a film, play with a pet or try out a new recipe.

I couldn’t agree more with them. I spend my life telling everyone to stop, find your time. Whether that be switching emails off at the weekend, or putting your phone to bed before you go, or only using certain social media sites in the evening. Whatever it is, just see if you can stop for a day, maybe two days. How much control can you gain from this simple exercise. Answer: lots.

We are all highly involved with life, and of course, that is a good thing. But first I would like everyone to stop, take a step back and look into your life now, or your day now. How does it look? Gain some proper focus and then once you can regain some drive for your energy look at what you are eating and focus back on eating a healthy balanced diet — nothing full of saturated fats, high caffeine (can bring on anxiety), too much alcohol, sugar...

Once you can control your thoughts you will find your health can start a new journey with wellbeing.

If you would like to chat about your wellbeing, email me at and I will do my very best to help. Enjoy June and see you soon.

Emma-Jane Taylor

Fitness Watch