Friday, 12 August 2022

World's smallest rechargeable hearing aid gives better results

World's smallest rechargeable hearing aid gives better results

ARE you fed up with changing hearing aid batteries?

Do you have packs of batteries stashed away in multiple locations just in case you run out?

Well, problem solved. The Hearing Clinic in Henley has a new range of hearing aids for 2017 to make buying and changing batteries a thing of the past.

If eyesight and dexterity issues make changing batteries difficult or even impossible, your solution is here.

Simply dock your hearing aids in their base unit and they will charge overnight, giving you 30 hours of wearing time the following day.

In addition to being easier to use, they are the smallest and most discreet rechargeable hearing aids in the world.

Plus, they offer 50 per cent more speech processing accuracy, delivering an outstanding experience for all conversations.

Even more impressive is that through our exclusive new range we can upgrade your existing Unitron Fit hearing aids to become fully rechargeable.

So, to enquire about our new rechargeable hearing aid range or to see if your existing hearing aids can be upgraded to rechargeable batteries please contact us at our Henley Clinic on (01491) 577555 or our Chalfont clinic on 01494 765144.

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