Sunday, 19 September 2021

Electric boats are perfect for the Thames

Electric boats are perfect for the Thames

AFTER a fanfare launch for the new company E-Boatique at the London Boat Show in January, Gillian Nahum and her growing team from Henley Sales and Charter are delighted to be able to offer a fantastic range of electric and hybrid boats which are eminently suitable for the Thames.

The all-electric dayboat fleet has increased to a choice of five different models based at Pure Boating on the Boathouse pub frontage in the attractive market town of Wallingford.

It’s a great opportunity to explore a really interesting stretch of the Thames with no locks for five miles and two excellent riverside restaurants.

A big investment in our websites means that hire boaters can now book at, while those thinking of buying can see the range of new and used electric boats at

HSCBoats continues to attract vintage enthusiasts from around the world and it is encouraging to see that there are still people who love the idea of owning a piece of our maritime heritage.

We are so lucky in this area to have several boatyards specialising in wooden boats and able to offer the necessary maintenance skills to enable boaters to own and operate boats which were built as far back as Victorian times.

Come and visit our boat store at Beale park and expect to see an awesome range of unique boats, each one testifying to a rich and varied boating history.

If ownership is not for you at the moment give the Friday Street office a ring on (01491) 578870 and enjoy a day on Midsomer Maiden, the company’s own skippered 12-seater, complete with loo and galley. We have the right boating solution for you whether for a day or for a lifetime!

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