Tuesday, 02 June 2020

We have three amazing sites for a storybook wedding

We have three amazing sites for a storybook wedding

ALL aboard for a storybook wedding! People say that Fawley Hill is a cross between Narnia and Middle Earth and there are three amazing sites for civil ceremonies.

The waiting room of the Victorian station is quirky. Sign the register on the oldest “Director’s Saloon” still on the rails. Perhaps be steamed away as you wave from its little balcony.

The delightful flagstoned “yard” behind the station or the museum which rivals the National Railway Museum for the number and quality of exhibits are unique reception venues.

Or put up a tent on the field near Ironhenge and watch the faces of your guests as they wonder what is coming next! Ceremonies can be held at Ironhenge too.

The Victorian “Gallopers” at the station cost under half the price of hiring a set in.

Choose your own music for the fairground organ to play and transport your guests back to childhood. Sitting on a horse, with glass in hand never fails to produce a smile. You can also offer your guests a steam train ride through the park to spot some of the 600 animals who live in this crazy sanctuary.

It costs a bit more as steam trains eat coal and need people to man them, but it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Champagne on the train?

If the station doesn’t excite you, “Narnia” will. A woodland glade with shepherd’s huts, gypsy caravans, and a tree under which ceremonies can be held.

Should we mention the blackbuck, wallabies and deer who will be watching?


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